dorsaVi Assessment

Gain unique, quantifiable insight into your injury and recovery.

Rehab-based Therapy

A personalised approach for gentle rehabilitation.


Long-recognised as the means for building a strong, symmetrical, controlled body.

Musculoskeletal Manual Therapy

The Practice prides itself on a tradition of hands-on therapies without the use of machinery.

Sports Injuries

Whether you’re an elite competitor, a “weekend warrior” or a keen walker, we can help you get you back on track!

SIJ/ Pelvic assessment and treatment

So much low back and general body pain and dysfunction has its origins in a misaligned pelvis.

Mulligan Technique

Tried and tested, Mulligan techniques expedite improved joint function and range of motion anywhere in the body.

Myofascial Release

To create balance within the continuity of connective tissue, allowing for improved joint mobility, reduced pain and enhanced function.

Dry Needling

Address neuromuscular conditions, relieve pain and muscle tension, and improve range of motion, to facilitate a timely return to active rehabilitation.

CranioSacral Therapy

A gentle, non-invasive,hands-on therapy that aims to enhance and facilitate the body’s own healing capabilities.

Fascial Manipulation

A powerful tool to rectify alignment issues and restore balance to the body.