So much low back and general body pain and dysfunction has its origins in a misaligned pelvis. We can have an alignment issue in this area before it actually manifests as a painful condition.

Ever had a fall, been pregnant, or been involved in a motor vehicle accident? Chances are you have a sacropelvic dysfunction. This can be the case for many years before, out of the blue in response to something trivial, you have symptoms!

These can surface as difficulties and pain trying to get out of a chair, roll over in bed or sit comfortably? Yet you “haven’t done anything” to warrant the amount of pain you’re in! It is critical to restoring function in our most influential “force transducer” to create balance from left to right, and from top to bottom in our bodies.

The function of the pelvis and the smooth operation of the sacroiliac joint in particular can determine how well so many other components of the body perform.

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