The Source Physiotherapy has enjoyed a long and productive association with Blackroll and their products. I am the premier Blackroll supplier on the beaches, and their only Master Trainer educator on Australia’s east coast. Blackroll is proud to be affiliated with the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia, and while these videos were filmed with the Beach Athletes in that community in mind, the content is 100% applicable to anyone whose fitness regime is land-based. In the following videos, focusing on the lower limbs I share some “tips’n’tricks” for optimising the effective use of a range of Blackroll products, as well as dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions about the whys and wherefores of rolling in general, as well as a few truths that might surprise you! I hope you enjoy these videos, and notice I address rolling around the glute max and deep hip rotators in a separate video to highlight the importance of maintaining flexibility and functionality in this area.

Stay tuned for further insights into rolling through the trunk and upper body, as we target our water-based athletes in the coming weeks.

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Addendums –

I have alluded the disadvantages of using an anti-inflammatory or R.I.C.E as originally advocated following injury. We speak about the acute

(0-3 days post-injury) and chronic (> 3 days post-injury) phases of inflammation, which is a critical process if we are to heal effectively.

Anti-inflammatories and ice packs are definitely contra-indicated in the acute phase of inflammation, because they DELAY the healing process.

Ice can be used for 10-minute spells, for example, for pain relief. If the pain is bad enough, Panadol (dosage as prescribed) may be a more

suitable alternative.

Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation has also been reconsidered by its original advocate, Sports Medicine Doctor Gabe Mirkin. He and others

now suggest that Movement is key – not to the point of causing excruciating pain, but to maintain mobility is essential if we’re to heal a soft

tissue injury with minimal scarring and restriction, reducing recovery times.

Please see the recommended reading links below for more information:


Video 1 = Tips & Tricks for rolling the lower body

Video 2 = Rolling tutorial for the lower limbs

Alison Slater

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